Jessi’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

This year, more than EVER… we’ve GOT to support small businesses, that’s why my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide features MY FAVORITE THINGS for Ladies, Gentlemen, Kids and Babies exclusively from small Canadian businesses. Any of these gifts will be BELOVED by whoever receives them and you can sleep peacefully knowing you supported a local shop! 


1.) Numi 

I have 3 kids and I STILL buy SILK. HOW DO I DO IT? Numi! Their loungewear  is made with Sustainable silk that is stain-proof, machine washable and can be worn at home, on zoom, at work or even to sleep! My must-haves are the Amelia Playsuit and the Ida top.  

2.) MIFA & CO

Mifa & Co is a 100% natural body-care brand from MY hometown of Vancouver BC. I am OBSESSED with EVERYTHING they make, but the Eucalyptus Mood Mist is my MUST-HAVE, CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT, TOOK IT TO THE HOSPITAL FOR ROMIS BIRTH item. It comes in a few of their Holiday Essentials Sets which make amazing gifts for a boss, a colleague, a friend or anyone who has skin and/or can smell. 

3.) Posh and Cozy

I used to wear “real clothes” now… I live in T-shirts and Hoodies and I have found THE BEST ONES ON EARTH AT Posh and Cozy. I’ve been buying Posh and Cozy for my boys since they were babies but the women’s Basic T-shirt and Oversized Fleece Hoodie are my NEW favorites for M!. The cut is boxy and perfect, the sweatshirt is SO soft and long… add it to your list now, thank me later!  

4.) Kiki Kreme 

Ok, I am slightly biased because this small, black-owned business happens to be run by one of my best friends. She makes every jar of Kiki Kreme organic body butter by hand and I think she puts MAGIC IN IT.  Not only do I put it on my skin, I put it on Romi , the boys and I usually have to pry it out of Evan’s hands. Get it with the Dry Brush for a gorgeous gift! 

5.) Fancy Face 

I love the products this Canadian beauty company makes and they offer bundles for skin, lips etc. which make an incredible gift. I don’t know how I existed before I discovered their ‘Supermodel Lip Bath’ and the ‘Stardust Gel Eye Masks’ are so fun. 

6.) Jessi Cruickshank: Up Close and Too Personal LIVE!

Tickets to see ME LIVE! Tell your partner, your spouse, your friend, your boss ALL YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS… IS ME! Tickets are selling fast so put these on your wish list because it’s going to be the ULTIMATE NIGHT OUT. 

1.) Bambie and Birdie

I love a company that does one thing REALLY WELL. Bambie and Birdie does PJs RIGHT. Ethically made, soft, eco-friendly PJ’s for babies, kids, toddlers and grown-ups. I have a couple of matching sets with my kids and I love to give matching sets as gifts from this local Vancouver company! 

2.) Dough Parlor 

I’ll admit it. I didn’t love Playdough until I discovered Dough Parlor 100% non-toxic scented playdough. If regular playdough is polyester, Dough Parlor playdough is CASHMERE. It’s soft, it smells AMAZING, the colors and packaging is adorable, it doesn’t make a sticky mess and my boys LOVE IT. It makes the BEST GIFT, they have a winter holiday box (that’s only $39) and your mom-friends will THANK YOU.  

3.) Gentle and Joyful 

I don’t know when I became a cotton-snob… but here we are. I thought Organic Cotton was the pinnacle, then there was Bamboo… now, Gentle and Joyful has introduced me to Premium Peruvian Pima Cotton and sweet mother of cotton IT. IS. SOFT. Plus their colors and cuts are all so unique and adorable. Whoever is lucky enough to get a Gentle and Joyful gift from you will BE SO GRATEFUL (and never go back to normal cotton again). 

4.) Current Tyde

This Vancouver company started making bathing suits (as seen on my LITERAL ENTIRE FAMILY) and they just introduced PJs! I LOVE everything they make- they have the most adorable prints and cuts. I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to match my infant poolside… give someone the gift of matching suits (or a kids suit in a fun print)!! 

1.) O’s and Oakes

Last Christmas I bought Evan 3 long sleeve T-shirts from Os and Oakes and sometimes I wonder if he owns anything else? He LIVES in them and already asked for more this year (greedy). My boys love Os and Oakes and now, so does my largest boy. I cannot recommend the Adult long sleeve in Bamboo or Waffle highly enough for your man!

2.) This is J

This Canadian company does loungewear and PJs REALLY well. I love their women’s Pajamas- I gifted a set to my mom last year- and now, they have a whole men’s section with SOFT T’s, Pants and PJ’s and all-around attractive men wearing VERY fitted shirts… highly recommend a trip to the website, even just for that. 

3.) North Kinder

I’m sorry, this is a long-sleeve T-shirt heavy gift guide, but Evan ALSO loves his Dada henley from North Kinder. He says it’s “the most comfortable thing he owns” and when I see him hold our baby in a ‘Dada’ shirt, it kind of melts my heart. The Perfect gift for a new dad, or …. YOUR dad! 

4.) Retrokid

Calling all 80’s & 90’s kids! Retrokid takes ALL-THINGS Canadian nostalgia and puts them on cool T’s, hoodies and more. Their CBC Retro collection includes Mr. Dressup, Under The Umbrella Tree and Racoons hoodies (REMEMBER RACOONS?) and they have new drops all the time.  I love my reading rainbow hoodie and YTV T-shirts from Retrokid and the man in your life will too!

1.) New Baby, Who Dis? Box

Ok fine I’m biased but this really is the only thing you need to get for a new baby or expectant mom. It is FILLED with my all-time favorite products from local Canadian businesses like Os and Oakes, Mini Mioche, The Matter Company, MYLK, Lulujo Baby, WeeBear Chewables, Soulful Organics and Substance Baby. PLUS this month, we’re giving a portion of our proceeds to the YWCA Hamilton to support women & children living in transitional housing. 

2.) Tiny Kinfolk

When I say small businesses, I mean it. Tiny Kinfolk is literally a one-woman show with mompreneur Christina Ting running it all on her own in Toronto. I LOVE the unique, fun and colorful prints on her garments – if you are looking to get a practical but show-stopping gift for a baby or expectant mom, Tiny Kinfolk Rompers are it!

3.) Young Lux

Is it wrong that my baby’s tableware is nicer than my own? Young Lux makes Eco-Friendly, durable non-toxic bibs and tableware for babies and kids that is SO STYLISH. IMAGINE? Any new mom will LOVE YOU for introducing her to Young Lux and chances are she’ll never go back. 

4.) CocoBean Playmat 

Ok so you want to get a BIGGER gift for a friend, or relative or go in with a few friends to get something amazing for a new baby… get a Coco Bean Playmat! It might just be the world’s first NON-UGLY playmat- it comes in chic prints and colors that are neutral and go with any decor. Plus, its soft and machine washable. Romi LOVES hers and the new baby in your life will too! 

5.) The Urban Nursery

If you have a cool baby in your life, you need to introduce them to The Urban Nursery. They make chic neutrals for babies and kids and they have Gift Sets, which are perfect for holiday giving. I’m obsessed with my Mini & Me Set- I have a sweater that matches my boys and i’s a GREAT gift for a chic mom and babe, plus Romi has the electric gift set- a super soft, neutral blanket and hat. I think I love my kids more when they are wearing The Urban Nursery. Is that bad?

Plan Canada’s “Gifts of Hope”  

This year, I’m all about gifts that GIVE BACK. Supporting any of the small businesses above is one way to give back and so is Plan Canada’s “Gifts Of Hope”. You can buy someone the gift of a Goat for a family in another part of the world, or medicines for moms and babies, a food basket or school supplies to change the life of a family who needs it most. I get my kids involved and let THEM choose one gift they would like to give to another child or family in need. You can do it all at 


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