Watch “41 Kids and Counting”

Kyle Gordy, AKA “The Sperm King” has 35 kids and 6 on the way… and if YOU want to make a baby with him, just ask for his sperm… on FACEBOOK (➡️ @kylegordy123456 ) He donates it to anyone who contacts him online- no doctors, no clinics, no money, no rules. Just sperm and a cup and… I HAVE QUESTIONS.

Why is his sperm so coveted?
Is it SAFE to donate sperm without ANY REGULATIONS?
Is it ETHICAL to make 41 kids and counting?
What do YOU think? This episode will shock you- so watch, share and don’t hesitate to get up in those comments! Xo jessi

*If you’re considering using a sperm donor to conceive, do your own research, and seek advice from a trusted healthcare professional in order to make an informed decision for you and your family.
*This episode was made following Covid-19 safety guidelines

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