VAX OR FICTION? The TRUTH about the COVID-19 VACCINE with Dr. Tali Bogler LIVE

When I posted about getting my COVID-19 vaccine, the internet had THOUGHTS. I was called “a bad mother”, I was told I would have a miscarriage, but mostly I was asked questions. SO MANY QUESTIONS! While I know many of you think I’m a doctor, I just give off that vibe- surprisingly I’m not. I didn’t feel like I could answer your vaccine questions so I brought in a woman who can. 

Dr. Tali Bogler is the Chair of Family Medicine Obstetrics at St. Michael’s Hospital and co-founder of @PandemicPregnancyGuide on Instagram. She answered ALL OF YOUR COVID-19 VACCINE QUESTIONS. Nothing was off-limits, it was an open conversation to talk about the truths, the misconceptions, and everything in-between. xo jessi

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