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I have always admired moms who seem to do it all.  That’s why we launched MOMPRENEUR MONDAYS on the New Mom, Who Dis? Instagram Page- so we could celebrate small businesses run by moms. Now we want to help YOU make YOUR entrepreneurial dreams a reality by launching this MOMSPO column

I’m talking to inspiring mompreneurs every week to see how they started their businesses, in hopes these conversations will provide some knowledge or insight or just that push you need to start something from the ground up.  This week it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Michelle Sayers of Beauty from Bees. Read, share, be inspired.

JESSI: What inspired you to start this business?

When I was pregnant with my first I did a full 180 and started to look into ingredients and health, it was then I recognized the lack of quality products on the market. So, I just decided to try to whip up a few things on my own. They ended up turning out pretty good. After 4 kids and some encouragement from other people – I decided to launch an official business. We are entering our 4th year and have grown over 2500%. 

JESSI: What was your biggest fear about starting something on your own?

Failing for sure! I didn’t want people to judge me and laugh at me. But, I decided that I had been through worse in life so who cares? The risk is worth the reward.

JESSI: It’s one thing to have an idea or a dream, it’s another thing to go out and make it happen- what gave you that push you needed to say, F*CK IT, I’M DOING THIS!

I wanted to contribute financially to our family. I had 4 kids at home and working outside of the house wasn’t really something I wanted to do. I thought “Well if I can design some labels and find some decent packaging, I can sell at local markets and bring my kids”. Even if I only made a couple of hundred bucks a month, it was fun and I was putting myself out there. 
It was a combo of the money and a desire to be a badass mom of 4 crushing something that could potentially grow. 

JESSI: I hate asking moms this question (because dads NEVER get asked) but how DO you balance it all? What does your day-to-day look like?

A mess of organized chaos haha!!! I have a very intense brain that never shuts off. I’m constantly creating and pushing. I don’t think about how it “sucks” or is “hard”. I have a talent that the world is allowing me to peruse and I’m lucky that I get to choose this – to do something that sets my soul on fire.

My soul is literally on fire and I truly feel like this is my passion and where I’m meant to be in life!

I won’t let anything get in my way – including being a full-time mom! Don’t get me wrong, I have a day here and there full of tears and talks of quitting, but I always wake up the next day like “nope, no way, I’m back!” I do feel like I have more responsibilities than my husband. I’m the one that organizes the kids’ lives and makes sure hockey 7-days a week happens. But I’m also showing them how impressive their mom is and that anything you want to achieve in life you can… but you gotta put in the work! 

JESSI: What has been the most challenging part?

Building out the actual business, labels, packaging, Health Canada, and website. I do it all. I started solo and worked 12+ hrs 7-days a week for years. I knew the harder I worked the faster I’d grow. 

JESSI: What has been the most rewarding part?

When you think every step going to break you but then it doesn’t. When you push through something so hard and have that feeling of a relentless boss – it’s absolutely the most rewarding. 

JESSI: What advice would you give to a fellow mom who is thinking of starting her own business?

Do it. If you have that fire in your soul and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to makes your dream come alive then go for it. It’s hard, really hard, but when you push and don’t let anything get in the way; you can accomplish anything you desire. Entrepreneurial blood will take over and nothing will stand in your way. 

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