Meghan & Harry: The Tea is HOT Live

I HAVE BEEN DESPERATE TO TALK ABOUT THE HARRY & MEGHAN INTERVIEW AND TONIGHT I AM NOT HOLDING. BACK! We’ve got clips, insights, and hot english tea! PLUS! Baby Name expert and author or The Name Therapist, Duana Taha will be here for a conversation that will change the way you think about your name, your kids’ names, and your future kids’ names FOREVER! This is a LIVE you CANNOT MISS!

The Name Therapist:


The Most Bizarre Celebrity Baby Names (A Celebration):

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  1. Let’s not forget that the only reason she spilled the tea about Kate making her cry was because the story the press reported was completely the opposite. She wasn’t spilling tea, she was setting the record straight. Markle has been hung drawn and quartered in the press so
    consistently and methodically that it is truly sickening compare headlines, pictures and it is so horrific.

    Again. Meghan Markle spilled nothing. She set the record straight.

    Something Kate Middleton and the machine should have done the second that story got the papers. Yet, Kate said nothing.

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