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I have always admired moms who seem to do it all.  That’s why we launched MOMPRENEUR MONDAYS on the New Mom, Who Dis? Instagram Page- so we could celebrate small businesses run by moms. Now we want to help YOU make YOUR entrepreneurial dreams a reality by launching this MOMSPO column

I’m talking to inspiring mompreneurs every week to see how they started their businesses, in hopes these conversations will provide some knowledge or insight or just that push you need to start something from the ground up.  This week it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lily Perry of YoungLux. Read, share, be inspired.

xo jessi 

JESSI: What inspired you to start this business?

As a new expecting mom,  I was super excited to get ready for my baby’s arrival. I was faced with lots of plastic & colorful products, which really didn’t match our minimalist, eco-conscious lifestyle. That’s when I knew I wanted to start YoungLUX. Creating stylish and sustainable tableware for families to enjoy.

JESSI: What was your biggest fear about starting something on your own?

That I’d build it and no one would come! Haha. But deep down, I knew I had something worth building. I was sure I wasn’t the only mom out there searching for non-toxic, modern tableware that would compliment my lifestyle.

JESSI: It’s one thing to have an idea or a dream, it’s another thing to go out and make it happen- what gave you that push you needed to say, F*CK IT, I’M DOING THIS! 

I married an entrepreneur! So his mindset and drive have definitely rubbed off on me. I was also about to have a year-long maternity leave, so I thought… hey, I’ll have plenty of  “time” to make this happen! Little did I realize that babies take up a lot of that time, but since I was genuinely having fun, I made sure to keep at it when I could.

JESSI: I hate asking moms this question (because dads NEVER get asked) but how DO you balance it all? What does your day-to-day look like?

I’m a big “to-do list” girl. They’re always very long but I chip away at them and move things forward as best I can. Some days are better than others and that has to be ok. I’m super lucky to have a partner who is my biggest fan and teammate. We work together to get our boys out to daycare which gives me time in the day for my other baby – YoungLUX.  Over time, I’ve set up a wonderful team to help support the business & its growth. Insert a load of laundry or two, meal prep, and my day is done! Grab the kids, feed them on the best-looking tableware, and then bed. I always take a few hours in the evening to finalize work for the day. I find that’s my most productive time. There’s something about knowing my boys are happy, fed and sleeping that motivates me.

JESSI: What has been the most challenging part?

The balance, trying to be successful in all aspects, for my family, my home & my business while still getting in some selfcare & good sleep.

JESSI: What has been the most rewarding part? That I built something from scratch, created products that people enjoy & use everyday with their families around their tables. I still have moments I can’t believe it’s grown as much as it has.

JESSI: What advice would you give to a fellow mom who is thinking of starting her own business?

If you know you know… if it feels like the right step, take the first one & make it happen! There’s something about doing what you love, it just comes naturally with confidence and I truly believe that success comes hand in hand with passion & hard work. 

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