My Third Pregnancy Gave Me What I Never Knew I Needed

By Deborah Hunt 

I recently had my third child, my last baby, the last piece of our family, and I’m enjoying all of the wonderful things that come with it – the firsts, the giggles, the smiles, the smells.  My third and last son is so loved by his brothers, and I couldn’t imagine life any other way. 

But, something surprising happened after this baby was born, something I never expected…

In addition to a beautiful baby boy, I added seven women and their families to my life – and I’m so proud to call them my friends.

While there are many downfalls to social media, it can
also provide some pretty amazing opportunities.

While wasting time on Facebook one day, I came across a post – it was new moms looking to mingle in my town, and I answered it. What started as a group chat between strangers on the internet, quickly turned into a social walk with our newborn babies.  It felt like a blind date – I picked out an outfit, I did my make-up, I even thought over ideas for small talk…  My husband thought it was hilarious.  

This walk turned out to be a memorable moment in my life. 

There was the new mama whos baby was born the day before mine. She is full of strength and positivity, and seeing her baby through her new-mama eyes helps me remember to savor these moments with my little O. 

Then there was a seasoned mama, like me, with three kids of her own (and her last baby was born the day after mine). Her big heart, compassion, and patience help me find peace and joy in my own hectic life. 

As this group of women continued to get to know each other, we met other wonderful moms. We met for playdates and signed up for classes together, and soon this wonderful group of women (that I love) was formed.  

I have a group of seven women who I can turn to at any moment. They are there to share the joys, the wonder, the tears, and fears of life as a mom and a wife and everything that comes with it. 

Growing up, I never had a group of women to call my own.  I gravitated to one or two friends through different phases of my life, but I always felt like a little something was missing.  I know of several groups of women from high school or university that are all still friends…and even their husbands are friends. They share the big moments in their lives together.  

While I have many friendships that I hold dear to my heart, this friendship group is one like no other. They brought fresh eyes and support through what may have been a rough time in my life.  Between the joys of a newborn and my other two boys, there are other pieces of life as a mom which can pull at the threads of a happy life.  These women are always there to encourage me, cheer me on, and give me the strength to grow and be the mom I want to be.  We support each other through rough nights, sleep training, understanding our significant others, and returning to work.  We share pictures of our little ones’ first smiles and their sweet moments with their siblings.  We take care of each other when illness strikes, even if this is just checking in.

My baby O is a perfect addition to my life and I never thought that taking this last maternity leave would bring me so much more than time with my kids.  It has brought me something else that I didn’t know was missing.  I’m so lucky to have found these women – a friend family to call my own.  I credit them with my sanity and strength through this time in my life – and I’ll never let them go.

Debbie is a mom to three wonderful boys, Sammy, Benjamin, and Oliver. She’s married and works as an environmental engineer. Her family loves spending time getting lost in the trails, enjoying nature, discovering parks, or cozied up watching a movie.

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