Oops I’m Pregnant Again LIVE

Meghan! Kate! JLo! Britney! It’s a very special, jam-packed, CELEBRITY EDITION of New Mom, Who Dis? Live! We have BIG celebrity baby news, BIG royal baby news, and of course, we have to talk about…Britney Spears. (Did you watch the Framing Britney doc?!) I did – and I have to say, at first I couldn’t believe people were actually protesting on the streets, I didn’t get the #FREEBRITNEY movement. And then I watched the documentary.


I got my sign. My custom mask. My blown horn. FREE BRITNEY.

You know, I met Britney Spears – and the encounter was…well, disturbing. People told me NOT TO SAY ANYTHING. But after this documentary – I HAVE TO come clean.

But before I dish:

It’s Black History Month and we have an incredible giveaway. If you head on over to our New Mom, Who Dis? Instagram page, you can enter to win a “Big Dreamers” prize pack. These are incredible activity books for kids about inspirational Black Canadians in history. They have colouring pages, stickers, and a cute tote bag. It’s such an important thing to have in your home and share with your kids – especially to encourage these conversations about race and racism, and to educate them on amazing figures in Black history.

Also, our popular momagers episode, These Stage Moms Let Their Kids Do What?!, is up on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it – this one is worth a watch. It’s one of the more shocking interviews I’ve ever done in my life. And I interviewed the Prime Minister during a scandal…and I interviewed Britney Spears.

Lastly, new blog posts dropped this week! There’s a new one up by New Mom, Who Dis? contributor, Carolyn DeRonde, where she talks about grieving her pre-baby life. You will laugh, you will cry – you will totally relate.

I also wrote a column called Nobody Really Cares About Your Second Pregnancy because you know what? NO ONE DOES. Tell me, did anyone care about second (or third or fifth) pregnancy? Note: I should come clean here. One of my best friends from high school is pregnant with her third and I’ve hardly reached out to her, so yeah, there’s that.

In this episode, I think the most important takeaway is our conversation about Britney Spears. I take full responsibility for my comments towards Britney Spears – and we dissect the mental health/postpartum element/mom-shaming element of the documentary.

Join this conversation, I want to hear what you have to say. Would any of this be OKAY today?

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  1. 3rd pregnancy … mostly surprised looks with the question “was this planned??” Bitch are you kidding me?!? This one was THE MOST planned! I do find a lot more excitement for the 3rd pregnancy than the second haha

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