Happy Bump Day! LIVE!

Permission to change HUMP DAY to BUMP DAY? ‘Cuz it’s happening. From this point forward (as long as I’m pregnant, at least) every Wednesday will be: BUMP DAAAAY!

In this LIVE episode I share my most humiliating pregnancy symptoms (and you share yours – THANK YOU). I’ll entice you with this: one of mine involves…my nipples.

But, before I jump in and bare ALL. There’s a few things I want you to check out.

Did you watch the LIVE with Annie Lawton? The mom who’s entire family got COVID. You can catch it here. Well, Annie’s back this week with a blog on the New Mom, Who Dis? website sharing everything she wants parents to know – from marriage to her mental health, just like the LIVE episode nothing is off the table.

I’m also hosting a GALENTINE’S GIVEAWAY! You can enter here.

And most importantly, February is Black History Month. I am a white mom. I have privilege and a platform. And I want to use this platform to have real and uncomfortable conversations about race. We originally aired Hey White Moms, Here’s What We Can Do Better in June, after the devastating death of George Floyd. And I feel it’s important to share it again. It is not a perfect episode- I may say the wrong things, or ask the wrong questions, but it is an episode I made with the pure desire to learn more and to listen.

Also in this live: your kids are taking over our feed, we share your shockingly terrible haircuts and hand out awards for your kids worst pictures (and the most unflattering they’ve taken of you). Then we play CELEBRITY BREEDERS! – aka HOW MANY KIDS DO THESE CELEBS HAVE!?

Jump in the comments! We (me and all of my lady lumps) can’t wait to see you!


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