These Stage Moms Let Their Kids Do What?!

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 2, Episode 5

In today’s day and age, children can aspire to be anything they want to be; The President of the United States, the scientist who cures cancer, the next Malala… or they can dream of being in a Cheerios commercial. That works too. 

If you tuned into our last episode of New Mom, Who Dis? “Hollywood Momagers Tell All”  you would’ve learned the Art of the MOMAGER and her secrets to childhood fame. But, if you’re anything like me – you still have questions. 

Before I dedicate my life to making Rio and Dray the next Mary-Kate and Ashley, I need to know: how FAR do you have to go for fame? How much MONEY can you make, really? What does it take to make it BIG? I ask, and these momagers SPILL. 

Would these moms let their kid…

 Jump from one speeding train to another? They say: jump away.

How about lose weight for a role? Pass the lettuce. 

Gain weight for a role? Pass the burgers.

Skydive? Geronimoooooo.

Swim with sharks? As long as the sharks aren’t hungry.

Ok,  I’m still processing. And while I do – tell me, is this OKAY? Should I raise my boys to be twin Macaulay Culkins? Comment below pls, I’m standing by!


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