Shocking Mom Confessions

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 3, Episode 1

A global pandemic couldn’t stop us from bringing you SEASON 3 of New Mom, Who Dis? From Home! Specifically, MY HOME where I attempted to make a major season of episodes while quarantined with my husband and 2-year-old twins. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

On the Season 3 premiere, I turned to YOU my loyal viewers/internet mom friends to send me your MOST PERSONAL MOM CONFESSIONS and I watched them in REAL-TIME. From farts to alcohol, baby vomit to stripper poles – you DELIVERED.

We get off to a solid start with the mom who likes the SMELL of her own kid’s FART. Gross? Not gross? You tell me. While I do encourage fart humor in my home (probably more than recommended by a pediatrician), I don’t think I know the specific odor of my kids’ farts. Not yet, at least. 

Moving on.

Next comes the mom who basically channels everything I believe about good parenting: give the kid a phone, turn on the filters, and have yourself some PEACE AND QUIET. 

I mean, doesn’t EVERYBODY do this? Look, I know it’s not good for their “DEVELOPMENT” or “BRAIN” but if my kid wants to sit and look at himself as a dog – giving me a moment to breathe – I’m gonna let him.

We also have the mom who confesses that her kid vomited in her mouth, the mom who lets her toddlers twerk to inappropriate music videos (Hi Drake!), and the mom who let her 2-year-old try beer. Not to mention the mom who allows her children to climb her stripper pole. 

But honestly, WHO HASN’T LET THEIR KID WORK THEIR STRIPPER POLE, am I right? Sorry, I’m wrong. It’s an “EXERCISE POLE”.

HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL the moms who sent me your confessions. I read them, I watched them, I LOVED THEM ALL. Share YOUR mom confessions in the comments BELOW! 

xo jessi