Q&A – Why Balance is Bullshit

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 1, Episode 3

Hi, I’m Jessi. Mom to twins Rio and Dray, wife to Evan, imaginary girlfriend of Kevin from the  Backstreet Boys, and host of everyone’s favourite Facebook Watch Series: New Mom, Who Dis?

If you’ve ever thought  that I look like I’ve got it all figured out; work, parenting, life, marriage… I’M SO SORRY FOR MISLEADING YOU. I DON’T. And in this episode I’M COMING CLEAN about all of it.

I answer all of your questions about the very REAL struggles of being a working mom and unleash the truth about “work-life balance”. Spoiler alert: it’s BULLSHIT.

But why, Jessi, why is it bullshit? You look like you juggle it all SO well. 

The thing is, I DON’T. I have been struggling since the beginning to figure it all out, and this video is my cry for help.

I went back to work when my twins were only eight weeks old – and I still feel GUILTY about it. I’ve done conference calls while tandem breastfeeding, I’ve sent pressing e-mails from the playground, and I’ve pumped in a red-carpet gown….it may look like “balance”, but the idea that we can have it all is just NOT realistic.

The TRUTH? I have a nanny three days a week…and I’m pretty sure my kids think she’s their mom. And that hurts, but here’s the thing: as moms, we’re expected to work like we don’t have kids and raise kids like we don’t have a job. That’s just NOT POSSIBLE. 

I’ll wait as you collectively say: “preeeeeach”.

On top of that, we’re expected to shower, cook, clean, stay fit, do our eyebrows, and maintain some kind of “relationship” with the person we had kids with. Again, NOT ALL POSSIBLE. 

Motherhood doesn’t come without sacrifice. Something gotta give. And NO ONE knows what they’re doing – not even Gwyneth Paltrow. At the end of the day, we just have to do our best – like our moms did.

My mom was a working mom. She may have never made me cookies, but she’s my forever #MomGoals – and I think I turned out just fine. Right? RIGHT? Enjoy this episode and do NOT answer THAT in the comments below.

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