Q&A – Watch Me Give Birth

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 1, Episode 13

The idea of giving birth is TERRIFYING. But once the baby is in – it has to come out. It’s like eating a burrito. Once it’s in there – one way or another it’s coming out…and it’s not gonna feel good. 

During my pregnancy I always thought birth would be bloody and traumatic and horrific – and it was ALL of those things. But it is also HEROIC. 

And now, I can watch my most heroic moment, the birth of my twins, over-and-over  again because my husband filmed the entire thing with a CAMERA on his head. For the first time, I’m sharing THAT footage  (sit back, grab an epidural, and enjoy) while answering everything you wanted to know about my labour, birth, and THE AFTER BIRTH.

I think the question I get most is “Did you have a c-section?” and the answer is… drumroll please… “NO”! But, I did THINK I was going to have a c-section because most twin moms do, so you can imagine my SHOCK when my OB gave me the go ahead to push them out – and down the slip and slide they came! Into a room FILLED WITH PEOPLE.

Because I was having high-risk mono-di identical twins, the delivery room was PACKED. There were 10 doctors on stand-by for each baby. There were students scribbling down notes. There were nurses and interns and specialists… It was like the hottest ticket in the hospital. My vagina was basically Hamilton.

And yes, as he did in Hamilton, my husband cried.

In conclusion, this birth sh*t is BANANAS. It was honestly the most empowering, bloody, miraculous, bloody, incredible experience I’ve ever lived. And I didn’t even get a push present for it. 

Want to know what giving birth feels like? Or if it’s really as bad as it seems? Or if I ate my placenta? 

I answer it ALL. RAW AND REAL. 

HOW WAS YOUR BIRTH? Tell me in the comments below!