NMWD LIVE! Season 3 Finale!

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 3, Episode 8

Coming to you from lockdown, this season finale is LIVE and dedicated to YOU – my incredible New Mom, Who Dis? Community. You’ve gone through this pandemic, this lockdown, this season right alongside me and I couldn’t be MORE GRATEFUL. 

This episode is ALL about celebrating the UPS and DOWNS of quarantine so far and our favourite moments from season three. There are outtakes, gossip, never before seen clips – and most importantly, we talk about HOW YOU’RE DOING! (because seriously, HOW ARE YOU DOING?)

I wish more than anything I could be having a drink WITH you because together, we are surviving the challenges of parenting in a pandemic. And that is something to drink (heavily) to. 

We start this episode by going back to March 11th – when we were still going to work and taking our kids to school. A simpler time when our hair matched our roots and our butt still fit in our jeans. An innocent time when coronavirus was just a “hot topic” I picked out of a bowl on a live show just like this one. 

At the time of that episode, there were only TWENTY CASES in California – and I was NERVOUS THEN. Now, California has 467,000 CASES – that’s FOUR TIMES the number of cases Canada has in TOTAL. 

Looking back at this clip from March makes me want to take a moment of silence for how FULL OF LIFE I was then. I was glowing and I was smiling. I hadn’t been home with TWO TODDLERS for five months with no end in sight and no access to the outside world. 

Flash forward to day seven of quarantine (day seven LOL) when I started doing shows called ‘LIVE from lockdown’. I get REAL and talk about how we went from no screen time to knowing EVERY WORD of EVERY TOY STORY movie EVER created. On day seven, we seemed happy and still full of hope. But now, every rule has gone out the window. All our parenting strategies GONE.

Has anyone else just given up on all the rules? Please let me know in the comments below. 

In this live finale, I also unlock some UNSEEN footage from our Coco Rocha episode – where Coco talks RAW AND REAL about POTTY TRAINING.

Guys. SUPERMODELS POTTY TRAIN. They’re just like US!…sort of. 

By the way…does anyone have a child who refuses to poop in the potty but instead holds their poop all day until they can immediately let it out in their nighttime pull-up? Asking for a friend. And that friend is me, and that child is both of my twins. 

Next up, I give you the behind the scenes story of how our Black Lives Matter episode came to be. It was originally supposed to be our Tik Tok episode. But When George Floyd was killed and the BLM movement began, the last thing I wanted to do was release a Tik Tok episode. I realized I had a platform that I could use for good, to spread awareness, and to educate myself and others on racial inequalities. In this live finale, I give you the background on how the White Moms, Here’s What We Can Do Better episode came together in just two days. If you haven’t checked that episode out, there is so much that can be learned – and I encourage you to watch HERE.

This brings us to our final episode of New Mom, Who Dis? Season 3,  the episode where HERE I found on Amazon. It was your favourite episode of the season so either you REALLY love watching me in pain… or maybe you just like watching Evan appear on camera against his will. 

It’s true- Evan was NOT supposed to be in this episode, or any episode for that matter. By trade, he works BEHIND the scenes. It just so happened that because of quarantine, he was there and no one else was and I was clearly in need of assistance. Which allowed us to give you the PINNACLE OF THE SEASON: Evan cupping away my cellulite.

And with that my friends, we come to the end of Season 3. 

THANK YOU for being here. Thank you for being a part of this community. Thank you to my husband/cameraman/editor/co-star Evan and amazing producer Jason Yantha for making this season happen! And I CAN’T WAIT for season four. Let me know what YOU want to see next! Xo Jessi