Q & A: My Not So Perfect Pregnancy

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 1, Episode 1

Ah, where it all began; my journey as a mother, and equally importantly, THIS SHOW! In my very first episode of New Mom, Who Dis? (circa 2019) we start from the very swollen, very bloated, very pregnant beginning. This is the episode where I share EVERYTHING about my high-risk pregnancy and it MIGHT make you cry.

With guest co-host’s Rio and Dray (who are VERY difficult to work with), I answer ALL of your questions with 100% honesty. Did I always want to be a mom? If the father of my kids was JTT, then yes. I did want to be a mom. (JTT = Johnathan Taylor Thomas for those of you who don’t use night cream).

Did I crave pockets of bread filled with molten cheese and frozen pepperoni? I’ll give you two pizza-pocket-sized thumbs up.

Are Beyonce and I forever linked in sisterhood from simultaneous twin pregnancies? Absolutely. We’re basically the same person.

After luring my children with cheese, answering deeply personal questions, and showing you my stretch marks, warning: I get emotional. Because spoiler alert: I did not have one of those Instagram #PerfectPregnancy’s – and you deserve to know the truth.

The truth is, when I was pregnant, I was carrying rare and high-risk Monochorionic identical twins, and I developed something called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. This means that instead of growing in two separately functioning amniotic sacs with individual placentas, my two babies shared one sac divided by a thin membrane and one single placenta. According to statistics, 80 percent of babies who develop severe TTTS don’t survive. I’ll tell you how we literally saved our twins’ lives and why they are my ‘miracle babies’ forever and always.

This is the episode that started this incredible community of moms. A community where being real and raw and perfectly imperfect is celebrated.

Grab your pickles, your ice cream, your pizza pockets, and get ready to have all of your pregnancy cravings satisfied by Episode 1 of New, Mom, Who Dis? (I think it should have some kind of plaque, no?)


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