Kids on Moms

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 1, Episode 7

Let’s be real – being a mom is the HARDEST job in the world (don’t @ me astronauts) . Between the mom-guilt and the mom-shaming, it’s kinda nice to be celebrated every once in a while. And by every once in a while, I mean ONCE a year….on Mother’s Day…if our family doesn’t screw it up (see NMWD Season 1, Episode 5: What Not to Buy Your Mom for Mother’s Day).

In this episode of New Mom, Who Dis? I sit down with a handful of kids to get their always HONEST (sometimes TOO HONEST?)  take on MOMS and how we should be celebrated.

Sweet 6-year-old Grace thinks that there’s something special about a Mother’s Day hike.

Cute, Grace. But no thank you. No mom wants to exercise on Mother’s Day.  

Then there’s Chelsea, who thinks moms deserve to lay in bed and watch TV all day. 

YES, CHELSEA. (Can I actually keep her?) 

We also talk about my GERIATRIC PREGNANCY. The kids teach me how to respond to internet mommy-shamers (hint: it’s the middle finger emoji), and they even make me Mother’s Day cards, ok, I FORCE THEM to make me Mother’s Day Cards – reminding me that being a mom really is the most SPECIAL job in the world. 

What is your favourite Mother’s Day memory? Drop it in the comments below.