I Strapped My Mom to a Lie Detector Test

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 1, Episode 15

This episode of New Mom, Who Dis? is the SEASON ONE FINALE and WE. WENT. BIG. I do what all children yearn to do and strap my mother into a LIE DETECTOR TEST to ask ALL my burning questions. 

Was I an accident? Did she like all my boyfriends? Does she wish I had married someone else? Yeah. The big stuff – and I get a LIFETIME of answers in just five minutes. 

Here’s what my mom thinks about me:

I had a revolving door of boyfriends.

I should have been a doctor. 

I swear too much.

I wear too much makeup. 

And, I don’t call my mother enough.

But most importantly, I learn that my mom is proud of me, and then we BOTH CRY…because it’s no lie that my mom is AWESOME. 

What would YOU ask YOUR MOM if she HAD TO TELL THE TRUTH?? Let me know in the comments below.

*special thanks to my mom for participating in this episode completely AGAINST HER WILL. LOVE YOU MOM!