Hot Dads

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 1, Episode 9

Ladies, let me start by saying: you’re welcome. 

This episode of New Mom, Who Dis? (which is basically soft-core dad porn) was made totally unselfishly, strictly for YOU. I set out to make a video about double-standards in parenting, and well, it ended with shirtless, chiseled, VERY HOT DADS.

Meet Jerome, Darcy, and Milan. Three hunky young dads who are NOT afraid to undress the stigma (and themselves) in the parenting world.  

They’re also not afraid to answer questions with an arm flex or a pec-pop – aka a “dad-wink”. 

These stroller-pushing, diaper-changing, baby-swaddlers are the real deal and the double standards they reveal to me about being a dad on the playground, in the workplace, at the coffee shop are SHOCKING.  

Plus! My mind is BLOWN when I reveal sexy Instagram pictures of Darcy and he tells me he has NEVER BEEN JUDGED FOR A SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Must be nice dads, must be nice.

There’s a lot to uncover here, folks. Why not start with some abs? 

Then tell me in the comments, does your husband or partner get treated differently than you?