Hot Dads Doing Hot Things

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 3, Episode 5

It’s FATHER’S DAY! And to celebrate this special day dedicated to special dads, I invited MY DAD to be my special guest co-host! I also asked you to send me video tributes of the HOT, HUNKY, HARD-WORKING DADS in your life. Mostly so I could pour myself a glass of wine and enjoy the FINE PIECES OF DAD MEAT you’re all living with. 

Ladies, get ready to objectify – I mean honour – YOUR men on our New Mom, Who Dis? HOT DADS EXTRAVAGANZA! 

We begin with Chantel. She wrote to me about the number one dad in her life – her husband. By day, he’s an essential worker – a paramedic – working tirelessly to save lives. But by night this man’s raw talent comes to LIFE when he cups his hand under his armpit to make FART SOUNDS. Also essential work?

Next comes a tribute from Chanelle. Chanelle sent in a touching photo of her hot-husband, Joe, holding their newborn daughter. There is nothing more beautiful than the image of a dad cradling the new life he helped create…even if he’s is COVERED in her liquid poop.

I don’t know about you, but I think that makes him HOTTER?

Then, we have Amanda. And Amanda didn’t send in just one video of her hot-husband – she sent in THREE. A video of Cole rollerblading, a video of Cole helping his kids work on their car, and a video of Cole doing some push-ups. And for you, my friends, we slowed that video right on down, allowing you to take in every inch of his chiseled, muscular, strong silhouette.

Three cheers for Amanda.

In eight minutes, we bring you the hottest dad porn on the internet, honouring real life dads who fart, dads who exercise, dads who inspire, dads who immerse themselves in Disney on ice, dads who change diapers, dads who get pooped on, and dads with very sexy accents. 

So, let’s raise our glasses (if you have any wine left) to those dads who are ALL IN. The dads who change diapers and sing lullabies, and most importantly, to the dads who clean-up puke, poop, and boogers. You the real M.V.P.

Shout-out to the incredible moms featured in this video: KIKI KREME , While They Nap Podcast, Amy, Misia, Chantel, Amanda, Danielle, Hayley & Jessica! Also shout out to MY DAD, for like, you know… being my dad. Xo jessi