Hollywood Momagers Tell All

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 2, Episode 4

The momager. She hustles, she grinds, and she works TIRELESSLY to make her children’s Hollywood dreams come true. 

She also makes 10%.

When I realized you could use your kid’s cuteness to pay off your mortgage, I wanted to learn more. So, in this episode of New Mom, Who Dis? I go to Hollywood, set up a fake “kids casting call” just so I can meet these kids’ moms and learn ALL the secrets of being a MOMAGER.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “momager” – it’s a mom who manages her child’s career in entertainment- see: ‘Kris Jenner’ (and not ‘Dina Lohan’).  Successful or not, all momagers have one thing in common, they HUSTLE. 

Casting calls – CHECK.

Auditions – CHECK.

Wardrobe – CHECK.

Face Turning a three-year-old’s photo? DOUBLE CHECK.

Your job is to SELL YOUR CHILD, while also making sure they aren’t forced to do something they don’t want to do (that is, unless you want them to). 

Honestly, there was just way too much helpful (read SHOCKING) information here to fit into one episode, so stand by,  it’s TO BE CONTINUED….

What do you think? Could YOUR kid make it in showbiz? Could YOU be their momager?  Let me know in the comments below!