Day Drinking with Cat & Nat

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 2, Episode 10

This episode is an audience-favourite! Mom-Icons, authors, and influencers Cat & Nat are known for their #MomTruths, so when I got a chance to sit down with them, I wanted to take things to the next level by playing #MomTruthsOrDare (and spoiler alert: one of us ends up naked).

With a fishbowl full of truths or dares and a bottle full of vodka, we dive into a very REVEALING game of Truth, Dare, OR, Take a Shot. (for the record, I haven’t taken a shot since I was VERY drunk and VERY MUCH NOT A MOTHER).

The rules: answer the truth, do the dare, or – you guessed it – take a shot.

Besides answering DEEPLY personal questions: like when we lost our virginity and what our last internet search was, this episode provides REAL advice such as using a yeast infection to get out of sex (it’ll buy you at least five days). Thanks Cat & Nat! 

Watch me get right down to my spanks in this UNFILTERED, HILARIOUS, and ALL-CANADIAN-MOM episode of New Mom, Who Dis?