Daughter for a Day

New Mom, Who Dis? Season 1, Episode 14

It’s no secret that I have TWO BOYS. Two farting, car-loving, mess-making IDENTICAL TWIN boys. They love to throw things, they love DIRT,  they love cowboys and aliens and they LOVE TOY STORY. All of it brings them pure joy. A joy I’m not certain I’ll ever understand.

What I can understand is a good spa day. A shopping trip. A little hot gossip. Experiences I expect a girl would bring into my life. And because a part of me has always wondered what it would be like to raise a DAUGHTER, I decide to find out by borrowing one for a day. As you do.

In this episode of New Mom, Who Dis? you’ll meet Cadence, my daughter-for-a-day. I asked her to plan a dream mommy-daughter day for us and she brought me to  *drumroll please* A KIDS SPA!…is this REAL LIFE?!

We get our nails done, talk about rainbows, boys, and princesses, and I share one of my BIGGEST fears: raising a girl in today’s world. 

Cadence reassures me (not actually though) that raising a girl is easy… it’s the BOYS you have to worry about ….and all the fantasy football they bring along with them (#sendhelp). 

After a day of manicures, hand massages, and having our hair brushed, I feel like I have a WHOLE new outlook and what it’s like to raise a girl. 

Moms of daughters…is this a typical day-in-the-life? Because if so, I. AM. IN.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my son has turned a spatula into a ‘laser’ and he’s currently beating his brother with it. BRB.